No matter what challenges you are facing, we will be happy to support you! Benefit from our know-how and adopt your new knowledge in your product development! For all your challenges regarding the development, implementation, and integration of IP cores or software solutions, Creonic offers you extensive development and consulting services - from the adaptation to existing systems to the design of your own system. 

IP Expertise

Our competencies are in the fields of:

Forward Error Correction

  • LDPC codes (binary and non-binary)
  • Turbo codes (binary and non-binary)
  • Polar codes
  • Convolutional codes (Viterbi)
  • RS codes
  • BCH Codes
  • and many others.



  • Radio Interface
  • Timing Recovery
  • Carrier Recovery
  • Equalization
  • Double- or triple-iterative systems (e.g. turbo synchronization)

Multi-antenna systems (MIMO)

Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing
(OFDM) systems


No matter what challenges you are facing, we will be happy to support you! Benefit from our know-how and adopt your new knowledge in your product development! 


IP Customization

We offer customized solutions for individual needs: ​

  • Adaptation of the interfaces of our cores to your requirements – for simple integration into your system.
  • Adaptation of our cores to further communication standards, and furthermore, the re-design to proprietary solutions. A high reuse factor guarantees low costs.
  • Adaptation of existing cores to your requirements with respect to error correction performance, throughput, flexibility, etc.

Integration Services on Customer FPGA Boards

Optimize your development process with our advanced IP core integration services for your platform. Creonic specializes in seamlessly integrating our IP cores into the FPGA fabric, connecting them with third-party IP cores like JESD204 or DMA cores. Additionally, we provide a comprehensive software API that enables you to easily control and monitor the status of our IP cores.

By choosing our integration services, you can save valuable time and resources while significantly reducing development time.

System Design

The development of complex communications systems should not only rely on the acquisition of IP cores. According to our experience, a look at the whole system shows high potential for more powerful and yet more efficient implementations.

Therefore Creonic offers you communications system design services for ASIC and FPGA. Our know-how comprises the integration of many components of signal processing. We are able to adapt these components to your system to your specific requirements and match the components accordingly. In the end you can show your customer an extraordinary system.


Do you want to implement a communications system on the microelectronic level? Do you need support for the migration of your algorithms from the software to hardware level? Benefit from the experience of our team. We are happy to advise you with respect to the microelectronic implementation in the fields of communications and FPGA integration in general.


We can provide you with advice on the implementation of algorithms of digital signal processing in the fields of wired and/or wireless communications. It doesn't matter whether you are designing a standard-based (e. g., LTE, DVB) or proprietary system.

Our close collaboration with one of the leading research institutes in the field of communications ensures us the access to the newest scientific findings, algorithms, and technologies.


Do you want to setup a demo system based on FPGAs? Do you want to port an algorithm onto FPGAs in order to drastically reduce simulation times? Or do you just want to extend your knowledge in the field of FPGA implementation?


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