Creonic GmbH contributes successfully to various industrial projects on ground and in space as a reliable partner. These projects require the development of complex blocks for digital signal processing, including modulation, demodulation, and decoding. Deliverables range from bit-accurate software models for system simulations in C / C++ / Matlab, via individual IP cores for FPGA / ASIC all the way to providing turn-key bitstreams for FPGAs. The developed circuits are integral parts in our customers' products and will remain as such for many years to come.


Here is a list of selected customers:

Cambridge Communications Systems

CCS relies on Creonic as IP core provider for their new technology. CCS is developing a microwave radio system for the back-haul of small-cell mobile basestations. The unique technology of CCS has higher performance and lower cost than any competing solution.

CCS selected the WiMedia LDPC Encoder and Decoder solution from Creonic for its product. "Our system requires high throughput LDPC forward error correction in a cost-effective implementation" says John Porter, CTO of CCS. He adds: "Creonic was the only provider which had an appropriate product for this application. The Creonic WiMedia IP core runs at over twice the speed and uses half the logic of any competing products". 

WiMedia LDPC solution

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