Multi-Gbit/s LDPC Decoder for IEEE 802.15.3c Available

Kaiserslautern, Germany, June 6, 2011 - The IEEE 802.15 working group specifies standards targeting the wireless personal area network (WPAN). Task group 3 of the working group focuses on high data rates within WPAN. The task group 3c defined a new millimeter-wave-based alternative physical layer (PHY) for the IEEE 802.15.3-2003 standard. This standard (IEEE 802.15.3c-2009) operates at 60 GHz and offers data rates of multiple Gbit/s for applications such as high speed internet access or streaming content download. The task group adopted LDPC codes for these high data rate modes within the single carrier (SC) mode and the high speed interface (HSI) mode. The Creonic IEEE 802.15.3c LDPC Decoder IP supports all LDPC codes with a codeword size of 672 bits as defined by the standard.


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