Creonic Introduces 25 Gbit/s LDPC IP Core Solution for ITU G.9804.2 PON Standard

Kaiserslautern Germany, May 10, 2023 -  Creonic GmbH, a leading IP core provider in the field of satellite communications, today introduced its latest LDPC forward error correction solution for passive optical networks (PON). The ITU G.9804.2 standard targets PONs with higher speeds when compared to previous generations. It specifies the common transmission convergence (ComTC) layer. With the release of these new IP cores, Creonic is providing its customers with a high-performance solution that meets the demands of modern passive optical communication systems.

The Creonic ITU-25G PON LDPC Encoder and Decoder work as part of the Forward Error Correction (FEC) in the ComTC layer, and support the default coding scheme LDPC (17280, 14592), along with the optional scheme LDPC (17152, 14592). 
The IP cores achieve throughputs of 25 Gbit/s. By running two cores in parallel a speed of up to 50 Gbit/s can be achieved. AXI4-Stream interfaces for data and configuration allow for a seamless integration int the customer design.

The LDPC decoder and encoder IP cores are available for licensing immediately, supporting ASIC and FPGA technologies such as AMD Xilinx and Intel.

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